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Resilience Beer For Bushfire Relief

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As part of the local and international beer community's ongoing support for bushfire relief efforts, brewers in Australia and overseas are invited to join in a fundraising brew. Any brewing company that wants to take part in brewing the Resilience Beer can register their interest below. 

Resilience Beer is a project that arose in the wake of unprecedented bushfires in Australia during late 2019 and early 2020. It came from a desire in the local beer industry to find ways to support those impacted by and fighting the fires both now and in the future.

Our aim is to raise much needed funds to help impacted communities transition from crisis to healing through regeneration and rehabilitation projects. Brewers and the industry around them play a strong role in their local communities, as evidenced by the hundreds of fundraisers and other events launched throughout the local beer world since fires first broke out in late 2019.

The Resilience Beer is an opportunity for the Australian and global brewing community to work together in a collective effort, with brewers, suppliers, retailers, publicans, beer lovers and beer media uniting to maximise the fundraising potential.

The Resilience name was first used in this manner by Sierra Nevada in the wake of the Camp Fire in California in late 2018. More than 1,400 US brewers brewed their version of the Resilience IPA, raising millions. The Australian Resilience Beer is a 5% Pale Ale being brewed by brewers both locally and internationally with all money raised going to a diverse range of charities and other causes, both big and small.

The aim is to coordinate brews and distribution as best as possible to ensure there's little crossover in supply (within Australia) while ensuring all breweries, particularly those impacted by the fires and resultant loss of business, are able to benefit significantly.

There will also be a larger scale brew of the same beer – in kegs and cans – that will be used to supply major Australian retailers to ensure the greatest reach and fundraising potential.

Recipe development was completed collaboratively by a group of Australian brewers, ready to be shared with all interested parties, and there have been offers from all parts of the industry to assist. 

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But first we need to know who's interested, where you're based, how much you plan to brew, where you'd like to sell the beer, and where you plan to donate your funds.

Please indicate the volume you intend to brew in litres

For example, do you plan to sell the beer just within your venue, your local venues / bottleshops, online, etc?

Who do you plan to donate to?

We have put together a list of suggestions that you can view on this page.

How much do you hope to raise from your brew? This might be through taproom sales or proceeds from sales via partner venues.

You hereby represent to warrant to us, Independent Brewers Association Limited (IBA), that any and all proceeds from the sale of your RESILIENCE BEER shall be donated to the fund or charity cause identified in your application to use the RESILIENCE mark. We shall be making representations to the public that all proceeds from all participating breweries shall be so donated. Your promise to us as to the accuracy of this representation and actions undertaken to ensure compliance are of paramount importance and strictly required for all parties to be in compliance with required laws, rules, and regulations.

The IBA has applied to register the trade mark RESILIENCE in Australian and New Zealand (and may apply to register in other countries), and has the consent of Schilling Beer Co. (Brau, Inc.), the owner of the US registered trademark RESILIENCE BREWING and associated marks to this campaign. In consideration of you completing the online form and agreeing to the terms of the licence, IBA grants to you a license to use the mark RESILIENCE on beer and clothing items for the limited purposes of this fundraising campaign. In order to be in compliance with the license, you are limited to brewing and selling beer under the RESILIENCE trade mark using the recipe supplied by the IBA, and the sales must be pursuant to this fundraising campaign only, meaning all proceeds must be donated to the aforementioned fund or charity cause, and you must cease production of RESILIENCE branded products, whether cans, bottle, draft, clothing or otherwise within 60 days of written notice from the IBA that the campaign is ceasing an will not make any further sale, and will cease any and all use of the RESILIENCE mark, within a further 60 days from the end of the campaign. You agree to provide the IBA with a reconciliation of the amount of production, value of sales, and evidence of donation of the proceeds of sales every 6 months during the course of the campaign and within 45 days of the end of the campaign. IBA reserves the right to check the quality of products produced and sold using the RESILIENCE mark, and to terminate this license if products do not comply with IBA’s quality requirements or other terms of this license. You hereby represent and warrant that you will comply with these licensing terms.

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